Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Burnley

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Watch live as the boss speaks to the media ahead of Liverpool's Premier League tie against Sean Dyche's Clarets at Turf Moor.

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Captain Indonesia
Captain Indonesia Пре месец
Did you know that Liverpool's biggest fans are in Indonesia? And do you know if the Indonesian people love Palestine, Liverpool support Palestine
Robert Trebor
Robert Trebor Пре месец
Roy Hodgson should be on the FA board and a statue somewhere
aldaniel francis
aldaniel francis Пре месец
Is that mad that I almost welled up when klopp said taa's Ball (corner cross) was made in heaven before Alison got his head to it.😭❤️
Alwi Hassan
Alwi Hassan Пре месец
Let's get revenge they beated us at anfield so we want a win at their own backyard ynwa let's go reds
Abronks Пре месец
Hi Liverpool, I’m a big fan, wish today we win💪💪 we need to score 3 goals to go to the champions league and we need to make sure that chelsea lose leicester city💪💪💪💪
dannyboyc3po Пре месец
What ???
G Mac
G Mac Пре месец
I want to see Trent move up to winger. He has all the skills needed for a really good winger. He is not a natural right back, he doesn't defend all that well, unfortunately
عبدالله ابراهيم
عبدالله ابراهيم Пре месец
Paul Pogba and Amad Diallo raise the Palestinian flag after the end of the Manchester United and Fulham match ... the message is clear, this is Palestine that will remain present in the souls of the free people, and this is an issue that will not be lost by the age of the era
Aashish Pandey
Aashish Pandey Пре месец
come on boys..we have something to play for while Burnley and Palace dont. We want the result more and lets please show this on these 2 matches boys..we got this i believe! YNWA Liverpool!!
Sriram Venkatachalam
Sriram Venkatachalam Пре месец
Here are a couple of questions that the journalists could use since they seem to have no good ideas for proper footballing questions.. Tactically, do Burnley have similarities with West Brom? Any insights on the weaknesses (high line) highlighted by Sam Allardyce during his post match interview?
Đức Nguyễn Anh
Đức Nguyễn Anh Пре месец
Mane dont feel insecure please!You should feel more confident so you can be better and better at this year!!
Đức Nguyễn Anh
Đức Nguyễn Anh Пре месец
@dannyboyc3po ya mabe
dannyboyc3po Пре месец
I don't think mane is watching this
Mo Yafai
Mo Yafai Пре месец
Footballers please use your platforms to condemn the killings in Gaza by Israel and support the Palestinians
WerderRWE 1899/1907
WerderRWE 1899/1907 Пре месец
When liverpool win has liverpool place 4 against leicester?
Jean wilner Miracle
Jean wilner Miracle Пре месец
Qualification an mw between pou league des champions
Philip Copp
Philip Copp Пре месец
It’s just into why Jurgen Klopp had already known to what the oldest manager in England of Roy Hodgson himself really spent in his very own special lifetime in coaching lots of differently styled players in the training ground & on the pitch altogether which he used to be the head coach for England in many of those memories from the past decade in his great job. So it counts back on the other side with Liverpool before the final day on Sunday of this season where to which & next starting 11 for the Reds to play away against Burnley with 2 games in hand to play more to almost see if they can hopefully win to check on their playability for the Champions League next season anyway
Aidan Пре месец
Fabinho in midfield please 🙏
Sthe Mthimkhulu
Sthe Mthimkhulu Пре месец
Lame journalists why asking about Hodgson's retirement instead of Burnley game? 🚮
yehsuh m
yehsuh m Пре месец
Chelsea winning,no hope for loserfool 🤭🤣
Fawad Zakariya
Fawad Zakariya Пре месец
How did these yokels become professional journalists? Embarrassingly stupid questions
Adam Abdelrahman Hamdy.3D
Adam Abdelrahman Hamdy.3D Пре месец
I love 💕 Liverpool the most team in the hole world and all the teams
Adam Abdelrahman Hamdy.3D
Adam Abdelrahman Hamdy.3D Пре месец
I love 💕 Liverpool very much I wish that Liverpool to go the first place I wish
Zoqo Пре месец
Steve Martin
Steve Martin Пре месец
Klopp needs to buy a proper centre forward, if not Kane then Ings will do nicely quality striker who can score and bring in other players works hard he is a Klopp type player. That is unless they are going to fund Mbappe Haaland Kane which I can't see. He must have a player who can get on the end of crosses. Jotta is great but not the same type as a proper centre forward.
[ L U L U ]
[ L U L U ] Пре месец
You can do it ❤❤😎 ..YNWA.. ❤.
Manda Roncon Dlima
Manda Roncon Dlima Пре месец
I love listening to the boss but seriously who comes up with these questions? I'm only assuming these are professional reporters 🙄
Sara Sara
Sara Sara Пре месец
Firmino out... Mbappe Sancho in
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen Пре месец
Let's do our best tomorrow and show everyone the fighting spirit of Liverpool 💥
S F Пре месец
These reporters just do my head in with their stupid questions! Asking what top four would feel like when we have not made it yet! Long way to go. Last play of the game? Is that an Americanism? Football is not American! How Klopp puts up with them I don't know! YNWA
Brian Connolly
Brian Connolly Пре месец
Another press conference.. Another load of absolutely ridiculous question for the manager 🙄
gede agus hendrawan
gede agus hendrawan Пре месец
our hope still in champions league, whatever i always be liverpool fans since i know football in my life , YNWA!!
M111OVD Пре месец
Not one Burnley question..
Lee Enfield
Lee Enfield Пре месец
*My nerves are shot* I came here thinking it was a pre-match presser for the Burnley game. Can we just simply put the ball in the back of the net and get to Europe proper? 😆 Please God not the worthless Europa! Shaqiri is miles off it. Keep Curtis on!... Is Jota fit?
rollercoaster478 Пре месец
Yeah I liked Curtis Jones as well in the last game, I would play him or sub him on in the 2nd half.
rollercoaster478 Пре месец
Jota is not fit, he has injured his foot a bit vs Man Utd, he will be out for two weeks, so his season is ended unfortunately, very unlucky.
Brendan M
Brendan M Пре месец
Wow the general standard of questions from Journalists here is shocking. How do these people get these jobs. Klopp has great discipline to stop his eyes rolling into the back of his head.
Richard Askham
Richard Askham Пре месец
Because they are scared to ask the questions they really want to ask, or to voice their own views, and this is because they are afraid to be honest because of what others may think Just like society in general
YouEmOhEss Пре месец
2nd hand embarrassment after that farewell question
ต้น กล้า เอฟเอฟ
ต้น กล้า เอฟเอฟ Пре месец
Suhayb Farah
Suhayb Farah Пре месец
I started watching Liverpool 2019 and I fell in love with their football
Avadhoot Kulkarni
Avadhoot Kulkarni Пре месец
Same but in 2016
Bruce George
Bruce George Пре месец
Welcome to the family
Ed Mckenzie
Ed Mckenzie Пре месец
Welcome to the fam
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid Пре месец
Please jürgen🙏. Do it for the fans. We love you.
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid Пре 29 дана
@Bernardinho 50 oh. Sounds like a lot of works. Best of luck
Bernardinho 50
Bernardinho 50 Пре 29 дана
@Ishtee Rashid I live in Germany where schools were closed for a massive amount of, because of Covid, but now they are opened. You know what? It's not my school. Let me explain it to you how it looked like. I am not in any school and I have prepared for exams at home. District government Cologne has found school for me and reserved there place for me. I already have done writing exam in German and English. Next Thursday I will have writing exam in mathematics and in June I will have oral exam in German, English, Mathematics, Biology and History.
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid Пре 29 дана
@Bernardinho 50 wait schools there are opened. Aren't they supposed to be closed because of covid? Well anyway, VVD is on training. Wish to witness the new El clasico of Europe next season. (You know what I mean)
Bernardinho 50
Bernardinho 50 Пре 29 дана
@Ishtee Rashid Sorry, that I haven't answered earlier, but I was sleeping, because I was tired. I had to get up early, because I was taking exams in my school. Yes, I have watched Alisson winning goal against West Bromwich Albion and I also think that it was a moment of history. By the way congratulations to Liverpool for smashing Burnley 3-0. Right now Liverpool is 4th in League table and I hope that Liverpool will stay 4th and qualify for Champions League for next season. ☺️
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid Пре месец
@Bernardinho 50 thank you brother. You know the fact that you always look for me is very pleasant. BTW did you watch the Allison goal? I think it's a moment of history.
Colin Quigley
Colin Quigley Пре месец
This guy is running around like Ken Dodd on ecstasy! You are the worst coach over a season we have ever had ! Shame on you ! The rubbish players you have brought to the club will be your cross to bare until you leave our great club ! STEVIE G your time is now! Bye bye Milner Origi Keita Shaqiri Oxlade-Chamberlain Matip and the Japanese bum !
Sleepin Dragon
Sleepin Dragon Пре месец
"And is Naby back"? Stupid question. Sell the player he's injured more than not. And when he does play its rarely up to the standard his price tag suggests he can play at.
seth1455 Пре месец
who's going to buy him ?
Rhy John
Rhy John Пре месец
Klopp, let's go boys and win the game if we really want to compete for champion 4th place .
عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques
عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques Пре месец
Liverpool will come back to the top 4 this week
Aaron T
Aaron T Пре месец
we must match burnley physically
bergstrom oliver
bergstrom oliver Пре месец
Ronan C
Ronan C Пре месец
J K 👓 won't be @ Anfield in 2040 . 😞
Prajwal Sinha
Prajwal Sinha Пре месец
Stevie G will be theree
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Пре месец
On palace Hodgson plays ayew over Batshuayi so it's not a big miss. In regards to Shaqiri why don't reporters ask how he is doing
Alex Georgiou
Alex Georgiou Пре месец
I don’t get the questions... this is a pre match interview bs Burnley. We want to hear about injuries preparation tactics... the questions are rubbish!!! It is more of ‘showbiz’ ‘gossip-page’ ‘Hello’ magazine level of questions. Can you pmease FIND SOME SPORT JOURNALISTS THAT CARE ABOUT FOOTBALL!!!
Ronan C
Ronan C Пре месец
Gini should play instead of Curtis. Defence needs to tighten up.
Koen 27
Koen 27 Пре месец
Come on reds!!
Ortinggarv Пре месец
Start working on the Anfield statue now !
Karl-Emil Figge Jensen
Karl-Emil Figge Jensen Пре месец
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi Пре месец
Safrodin Modrad
Safrodin Modrad Пре месец
In jurgen we trust
Janna Khan
Janna Khan Пре месец
The groovy kitchen hooghly murder because domain mostly pine excluding a bloody caterpillar. impolite, unarmed jeans
koozdorah Пре месец
Ok I’ll be home by about the next time you come to pick up my kids I’ll come over to my work for you I will do that you want me too and I’ll send it out and let me know if I can anything for a little while
grizale Пре месец
what a terrible question from that reporter asking about Roy Hudson LMAO
Atte La
Atte La Пре месец
When Klopp asked back that how can he help in the farewell the reporter himself didn't even have any idea hahahaa 🤣
seth1455 Пре месец
at least they get his name right
siddharth chahal
siddharth chahal Пре месец
you could see jurgen's brain melt out of his ears
edward lawrence
edward lawrence Пре месец
The 'Roy send-off' question was utter cringe!
Sleepin Dragon
Sleepin Dragon Пре месец
And that terrible question asking if Keita is fit again.🤣🤣🤣🤣
huntergoalkeeper Пре месец
Up the reds 🔥🔥
huntergoalkeeper Пре месец
@SEN shut up.
AllThingsFootball Пре месец
Shush bet u support united and have no friends
SEN Пре месец
AllThingsFootball Пре месец
MIND the GAP Пре месец
Burnley 0 LIVERPOOL 1
llóso lalo
llóso lalo Пре месец
Atttaaacckkkk YNWA for besiktas ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
To Klopp : In spite of the difficulties this season , we rely on you to be in the top four . Next year , we will compete for the title .We do not want to miss next Champions League . We do not want our class players in Europa League
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid Пре месец
@Aaron who cares. We still understand.
Sleepin Dragon
Sleepin Dragon Пре месец
@AaronI reckon French is his 1st language. I don't think it's English.
@Aaron What kind of English do you speak ? How do you know that it is English ? You could have asked : What kind of Spanish is this Mr Shakespear
glitch Пре месец
Aaron Пре месец
What kind of english is this
Safrodin Modrad
Safrodin Modrad Пре месец
Ilove jutgen klop
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman Пре месец
Last Sunday still can't get over Ali amazing goal my best game of the season it was lovely seeing all the Liverpool players around him jumping on him now focus on tomorrow against Burnley we need to play our best and win on last Sunday we weren't our best need to play better and win need to win these two last games of the season see we get into top four LFC ynwa
Sangkaran Sakthyvel
Sangkaran Sakthyvel Пре месец
Yess..You are true
Roger Seow
Roger Seow Пре месец
ben watson
ben watson Пре месец
I love jurgen
Legendary Craft
Legendary Craft Пре месец
Lol where are the haters coming to call us loserpool now?
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha Пре месец
@YNWA 212 That's true, but there seem to be fewer haters on the loose
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Пре месец
Don't say this yet lol we could still finish outside top 4 smh
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha Пре месец
You are unbeaten in your last 8 league matches, right?
Love ❤from kerala
Yawning Deer
Yawning Deer Пре месец
Red Lady
Red Lady Пре месец
"slightly advanced age". Considering English is not his first language Klopp has a much more tactful way of speaking than most of us manage who were born and bred as English speakers. Respect.
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football Пре месец
@jake kyle exactly n Klopp has good English but he can not articulate himself in English in the same manner as say carragher as some people seem to think , he merely enunciates his words more
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football Пре месец
Slightly older?
jake kyle
jake kyle Пре месец
@Anas Nabil English is made up of lots of different languages, not just Germanic.
Anas Nabil
Anas Nabil Пре месец
English is west Germanic language. So maybe that means those who are from west Germany are better English speakers than brits?
Terri Forhell
Terri Forhell Пре месец
"Leicht erhöhtes Alter" the politeness is in the language. Who would have thought? lol
Hemanath Babu
Hemanath Babu Пре месец
04:28 , you're welcome
Sherton Micecho
Sherton Micecho Пре месец
เจิดจรัส M SALAH
เจิดจรัส M SALAH Пре месец
Prince Ayodi Jnr
Prince Ayodi Jnr Пре месец
Cold Servo Pie
Cold Servo Pie Пре месец
One up to you man
bob bobby
bob bobby Пре месец
c'mon boys lets make another anfield miralcle
bob bobby
bob bobby Пре месец
@Imran Muktar i meant that lets create a miracle like the ones in anfield. we have to finish in the top 4 so we gotta win the last games. especially the burnley one as it has away fans.
Raman Пре месец
@Imran Muktar turf mor will be anfield bet my cap
Aidan McCorry
Aidan McCorry Пре месец
@Imran Muktar not palace 😔
Miguel M Bueno
Miguel M Bueno Пре месец
Tendi foi nada
Shuxrat Davronov
Shuxrat Davronov Пре месец
🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿 Helo
Exodus97 Пре месец
Salad Man
Salad Man Пре месец
We have to beat BLOODY BURNLEY
Fan Site
Fan Site Пре месец
Last game was great but don't want to see another such last minute winner anymore. We want to see a dominant 3-0 or 4-0 win. Cmon Reds!!
rollercoaster478 Пре месец
@Random Guy but wasn't that an exception for Firmino? I am afraid it was. In that specific game and day he was good and scored. Good for him, I am happy for him. But... One game doesn't mean he is back in form. That suddenly he is clinical and will score or assist vs Burnley and Palace. I love the guy, he is a great player, but maybe he is past his prime. Same for Mane actually.
Random Guy
Random Guy Пре месец
Our fucking forwards bar Salah need to perform. I genuinely can’t believe how consistently bad Mané has been, Bobby showed he still has the talent against United but these last 2 games are CRUCIAL, and it works from them
POL Пре месец
@Azrul Shah yes but they aren’t as bad as West Brom
M.K.H 31
M.K.H 31 Пре месец
I have predicted us to win 0-3 🔴🔴
Azrul Shah
Azrul Shah Пре месец
But Burnley will park the bus
ahmad adam
ahmad adam Пре месец
Best Coach in the world
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha Пре месец
@lavAzzakaffe Ok but they still spend more than west ham (the team that the other guy mentioned), right? So I think Pep with Liverpool's budget would win a lot of trophies as well
lavAzzakaffe Пре месец
@Vik Sinha Since 2016 Liverpool have a net spend of around €113m, which essentially makes them a middle team in terms of money spent since 13 PL teams have spent more during that time. Transfers have been funded by the nurturing of Coutinho amongst others.
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha Пре месец
@Ortinggarv Ok so how do you think Klopp obtained VVD, Jota, Thiago, Alisson, etc? Did they just fall out of the sky?
Ortinggarv Пре месец
@Vik Sinha ok let's see Barca Bayern,Man city all arguably richest clubs in each league. Wonder how he would do with oh let's say West Hams budget.
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha Пре месец
@Ishtee Rashid Did I say anything negative about Klopp or Liverpool? No, all I meant by my comment was that Pep is the best manager in the world. Klopp is still a great manager. Look up "toxic" in the dictionary.
Apples Oranges
Apples Oranges Пре месец
LFC_14 Пре месец
@Imran Muktar only way I would be happy if Mo leaves
Peter From Petersen
Peter From Petersen Пре месец
@Imran Muktar and to pay the First 60% of his salary
Imran Muktar
Imran Muktar Пре месец
*Unless PSG offer us Kylian Mbappe*
reihan Imamulfawaz
reihan Imamulfawaz Пре месец
hitnail halfway
hitnail halfway Пре месец
I am so confused about this video. It says live and streamed 19 hrs ago at the same time. Plus there is no comments. what is this?
hitnail halfway
hitnail halfway Пре месец
@smooler1 was acid actually
smooler1 Пре месец
Stop smoking
realmenplayguitar Пре месец
Stream was scheduled/listed yesterday and began this afternoon
Mithul B
Mithul B Пре месец
must be minutes
Ranju Dodum
Ranju Dodum Пре месец
Start time: 4.29
Sho S
Sho S Пре месец
Casper Johansen
Casper Johansen Пре месец
In Jurgen we trust
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