Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown Пре дан
Andy's face eating that popcorn! 😂 Love him, love my team! ❤️ 🔥 YNWA 🔥 ❤️
Burnaa Bandzz
Burnaa Bandzz Пре дан
i see all them sweets
Burnaa Bandzz
Burnaa Bandzz Пре дан
LOVE you FAB bro
Pablo II
Pablo II Пре дан
MarkyCookies Пре дан
Thats the reason I love this club.
Cory Imel
Cory Imel Пре дан
WhenImLiverpool creators lickin’ their chops rn
Ömer Arikan
Ömer Arikan Пре дан
Bizim Süper ToTo Süper lig ayakta uyusun
Aaron T
Aaron T Пре дан
matip is life
muskristal mus
muskristal mus Пре дан
die hard Liverpool fan since Keegan.
DIY Inshirah
DIY Inshirah Пре дан
*Virgil obsessing over Matip for 15 minutes straight *
Fardheen Abadheen
Fardheen Abadheen Пре дан
Salah and Virgil are history makers you all are looking at future legends✌️
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Пре дан
Mo doing the Scouse accent well got it down la ,we need all our injured players back IE virg, Joel, Joe ,Jordan then we can get our crown back
ภูเมศ วิลาศ
ภูเมศ วิลาศ Пре дан
you never walk alone
Sunan Kullawong
Sunan Kullawong Пре дан
WaveyXan Пре дан
Them last clips man, boss ending and boss editing, always a legend. GINI WIJNALDUM NA NA, NA NA NANA
Nishant Kumar Singh
Nishant Kumar Singh Пре дан
Xabi got the match ball with a goal and an assist.
WaveyXan Пре дан
2:17 I love how there is a fan videoing the goal against them and as it goes in his face drops and he begins to stop recording XD
Aaron T
Aaron T Пре дан
Adam Shady
Adam Shady Пре дан
Wow haha
Nick B
Nick B Пре дан
Happy to see LFC embrace Thiago.
3VO Пре дан
9:01 And............... The Crazy Scotsman has arrived!
Stephen Casey
Stephen Casey Пре дан
You just have to answer "Affirmative" and "Negative" like a soldier or something lol.
Ts Hugo
Ts Hugo Пре дан
محمد صلاح الافضل في ليفربول
Steven Waite
Steven Waite Пре дан
Sadly Gini left now too 😞
John John
John John Пре дан
Bring it ,I cant wait🤗
Nishant Kumar Singh
Nishant Kumar Singh Пре дан
Jota has hunger to score goals
Metin Ferhadov
Metin Ferhadov Пре дан
Liverpuı champion
Nepalese BadLiar
Nepalese BadLiar Пре дан
We can say we witnessed the one hell of a defence from Coutinho which is rare, very very rare..😁
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo colllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzz
Etienne Who ?
Etienne Who ? Пре дан
Welcome to PSG..
Johanes Agung
Johanes Agung Пре дан
Firmino + Mane + Salah Don't Forget Coutinho = The Best
Vijval Johnson
Vijval Johnson Пре дан
Where is Allison Becker??
M!ra C1e
M!ra C1e Пре дан
Why Virgil and Matip are so cute together
jessica wong
jessica wong Пре дан
10:45 the best moment
Connor Kirby
Connor Kirby Пре дан
Anyone else get a bit eye watery
Robiul Islam
Robiul Islam Пре дан
🇧🇩 Love you Salah
Ruuko G Chase
Ruuko G Chase Пре дан
The mascot ♥️ Cannot wait to see her holding either Thiago's or Hendo's hand
- XoJosephKingXo
- XoJosephKingXo Пре дан
Think Robbo had too many redbulls on shoot lol 😂 plus the man crush VVD has on fellow Dutch defender 🤣 they brothers from another mother, Ps If I was a manager to motivate my players I’d backhand the software guy who puts the fifa player ratings on the game to give LFC players a low score, I swear they care too much about that 🙄😏🤣 YNWA
ᏙᏆͲϴᎡ Пре дан
Van daijk e muito engraçado kkkkkkkkk
Mr Singh
Mr Singh Пре дан
Naby got injured during that photo shoot
El Gnout
El Gnout Пре дан
Soooo aaaaah.... where can I get one of those matip shirts. No shade but way better designs then nike kits. Esp the goalkeeper tops are so lazy
Sterl Jay
Sterl Jay Пре дан
Whoever got the AUX is HELLA VALID!!!
Cristina Dumitriu
Cristina Dumitriu Пре дан
90V 9V
90V 9V Пре дан
Orthodoxy is the true faith pray for orphans amen
90V 9V
90V 9V Пре дан
Orthodoxy is the true faith pray for orphans amen
5:07 mbappe and giroud
Richie Onkz
Richie Onkz Пре дан
What we achieved in life, echoes in eternity. We back to our perch, dominating and conquer all over the world and became of champions at everything. We follow the footstep of our fathers, the one that set the tone before and we are never gonna stop! May the Klopp reign long continue and more trophies to come before he retired as living legend that stay in our hearts forever. YNWA From Indonesia 🇮🇩
Mando E
Mando E Пре дан
F mane
OK-YOUNG CPOCrew Пре дан
miss you torres & suarez
Tariq goedar
Tariq goedar Пре дан
virg the goat
Brown Gay Methodist Jesus Christ
Brown Gay Methodist Jesus Christ Пре дан
Should’ve let the kid say what he felt about Adrian man 😂
Dante Satriatama
Dante Satriatama Пре дан
4:39 when the teacher ask the quiet kid to read page 36
Remind'z Пре дан
Liverpool FC From Thailand 🔴
Brown Gay Methodist Jesus Christ
Brown Gay Methodist Jesus Christ Пре дан
Someone as big as Virgil asks me for money I’m jetting off
Arpit Marade
Arpit Marade Пре дан
Thiago becoming Liverpool's face slowly 😇😇
RK Ráhmót Khán
RK Ráhmót Khán Пре дан
Reyno fc
Reyno fc Пре дан
Don’t know how I feel about this signing might be promising
Rick Thatcher (omgitzrick)
Rick Thatcher (omgitzrick) Пре дан
Gazzaniga was incredible in this game.
Omar ELBENAYE Пре дан
Meireles flicking the bird to lucas leiva lol
smrutiranjan nanda
smrutiranjan nanda Пре дан
Trent gets more showreels than kdb
Mr. Neyetro
Mr. Neyetro Пре дан
Was everyone eating out the same popcorn? ...hmmm.
Christian Torlone
Christian Torlone Пре дан
bye bye fcb !!!!!! :):):)
Britney Asare
Britney Asare Пре дан
Imelda McIntyre
Imelda McIntyre Пре дан
Soooooo Good to see my beloved Liverpool! Can't wait to see you play! We are Liverpool and that! MEANS MORE!♥️😇☘🇮🇪 UP THE MIGHTY REDS YNWA
คานาโอะFF Пре дан
martin viDoc
martin viDoc Пре дан
Gialla come er sole, Rossa come er core mio
peter mac
peter mac Пре дан
The memories of 2019 Wanda Metropolitano champions of Europe
TtvWaRPzoN e
TtvWaRPzoN e Пре дан
Virgil has 77 pac Moh has 93 pac virgil:you’ve got a bit more pac